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RAUPUK, Zygmund*


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1. PACHOLEC, Sophie*

RAUPUK, Zygmund* 10062,10063,11514,11515,11516

  • Born: 15 Mar 1896, Tulanka, Poland 10061
  • Marriage (1): PACHOLEC, Sophie* on 27 Jan 1918 in Jersey City, Hudson Co, NJ 10061
  • Died: 9 May 1975, Baltimore, MD 11514,11517
  • Buried: Baltimore, MD 10063,11517

   Other names for Zygmund* were RAPUK, Zigmond,11518 RAUPELK, Zygmont,11519 RAUPUK, Sigmond,10057,11520,11521 RAUPUK, Sigmund,11522,11523,11524,11525 RAUPUK, Sygmund,10058,11526 RAUPUK, Zigmund,10061 RAUPUK, Zygmond,11527 RAUPUK, Zygmont,10223,11522,11528,11529,11530 RAUPUK, Zygmunk 11531 and RAUPUK, Zygmunt 11517.,11532


  Death Notes:

Deathdate 9 May 1975 from card commemorating his death from Walter G Dabrowski Funeral Home, 1005 Dundalk Avenue, Graceland Park (in posession of Les Lindley)


  Noted events in his life were:

Alt. Birth, cir 1894, Poland. 11526

Alt. Birth, 16 Mar 1896, Polanka, Poland. 10057,10058,11514,11517,11527

Alt. Birth, 28 Mar 1896, Russia. 11522

Alt. Birth, cir 1896, Russia. 10223

Immigration, 1912. 10057,10223

Residence, 1913, Bremen, , , Germany. 10061

Immigration, 14 Apr 1913, Baltimore, MD. 10952 Sigismund Raupuk is included in the passenger list for S.S. Maine sailing from Bremen to Baltimore on 29 March 1913, arriving 14 April 1913. He is age 17 [although Ancestry index transcribes this as 37], single, laborer, cannot read or write, citizen of Russia, race or people Polish, permanent residence Tulunka? Russia, nearest relative in home country sister-in-law Teafila? Raupuk, in Tulunka?, Wilna, final destination Wheatland PA, passage paid by self, in possession of less than $50 [cannot read how much, might be $5], never been to US before, going to join brother John Raupuck at Box 129 Wheatland PA, 5'7", fair complexion, blde hair, grey eyes, no identifying marks, born Tulunka? Russia.

[Wheatland PA is in Mercer County, on the western border of PA, near Youngstown OH. In 1910, Franciszek Raupuk (see information about him) arrived in New York, also said he was from Tolanka, and specified his destination as Wheatland, where his contact was Boleslaw Raupuk (see information about Boleslaw Raupuk). So, it looks like Sigismund, John, Franciszek, and Boleslaw might all be related]

Immigration, 15 Apr 1913, Baltimore, MD. 10061 Entered US on vessel "Main" under name Sigismund Raupuk, arriving from Bremen, Germany.

Story, 1915. In 1915 Jersey City & Hoboken directory, no Raupuks listed.

Appearance in Document: WW1 Draft Registration, 6 May 1917, Bayonne, NJ. 11522 Sigmund Raupuk is 21, address 101 Ave. E. Bayonne N.J., born 28 Mar 1896, Alien [not citizen], born "Russia Poland", citizen of Russia, laborer at Borax Company in Bayonne N.J., single, no dependents, caucasian, no military service, signature is "Zygmont Raupuk", tall, medium build, blond hair, brown eyes. Date of registration is "5/6/17" in 4th precinct of Bayonne, N.J.

[Note the physical description does not match the one from the WW2 Draft Registration, which has blue eyes, brown hair, and only 5 ft 6. We know the WW2 Draft Registration is the correct person]

Story, 1918. In 1918 Jersey City, Bayonne, & Hoboken directory, no Raupuks listed.

Residence, Dec 1918, Farrell, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, United States. 10223,11533 Based on birthplace of son Leo, family should be in Farrell, Pennsylvania in Dec 1918.

Citizenship: Declaration of Intention, 1919, Bayonne, NJ. 10061

Census, 6 Jan 1920, Bayonne, NJ. 10223
1) Raupuk, Zygmont, head of household, rents his home on 25-27 East 17th Street, age 23, married, immigrated to U.S. in 1912, naturalization "Pa" [which means "first papers", the first step in the naturalization process, but not yet a naturalized citizen], can read and write, born Russia, native language Polish, parents born Russia, parents native language Polish, can speak English, laborer in Oil Industry
2) Raupuk, Sophia, wife, age 17, married, alien, can read and write, born NJ, parents born Russia, parents native language Polish, can speak English, no occupation
3) Raupuk, Leo, son, age 1 1/12, born PA, father born Russia, mother born NJ.

Census: Rapak and Pacalac together, 1920, Passaic, Passaic Co, NJ. An entry in the 1920 Census shows the following group of people (with Rapak and Pacalac together) living at 96 Second Street, Passaic, NJ, on 13 Jan 1920 - Nicholas Rapak, age 30, imigrated to US in 1910, alien, cannot read and write, born in Galicia, mother tongue Russian, a laborer in a rubber mill. His parents were also born in Galicia. Nicholas is renting his home. He is married to Anna, age 25, also immigrated in 1910 from Galicia. They have children John (age 4, born in NJ), Anna (age 2, born NJ), and Michael (age 1, born NJ). They have a boarder, Nellie Pacalac, age 20, single, immigrated from Galicia in 1914, alien, working as a weaver in a woolen mill. There is another boarder from Galicia, Mary Raesarovska living with them, and a neighbor John Rajdas from Russia, but married to Mary from Galicia. (Passaic County, City of Passaic, ED 28, Sheet 2) [Passaic is not very close to Jersey City. It is still a suburb of New York, but is about 8 miles from Jersey City]

Nicholas and Annie are in Passaic in 1930 census also, both born Poland.

Nicholas Rapak appears again in WW2 Draft Registration Records, age 53, born Lisno, Poland on 24 Dec 1888, living with Annie at 94 Fourth St, Passaic NJ, working at Magor Car Co in Clifton, Pasaic Co, NJ. (found at Ancestry.com)

Residence, 1921, Bayonne, NJ. Based on alleged birthplaces and birthdates of children, should be in Bayonne in 1921 and in Baltimore in 1922.

Residence: 106 Wallis Ave, 1922, Farrell, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, United States. 11518 [This is next door to where Boleslaw Raupuk's family is living in 1929 at 108 Wallis Ave, but Boleslaw does not appear in this directory.]

Residence: New home at 901 S. Potomac Street, 24 Mar 1923, Baltimore, MD. 11530 Real Estate Transfers, Baltimore City, Saturday, March 24, Frank Fuss and wife to Zygmont Raupuk and wife, 901 S. Potomac st., g.r. $35

Appearance in Document: Newspaper, 26 Mar 1923, Baltimore, MD. 11519 Mortgage: Zygmont Raupelk & wife to Canton Pulaski Polish B A, 1900.

Appearance in Document: Newspaper, 26 Mar 1923, Baltimore, MD. 11528 Deed from Frank Fuss & wife to Zygmont Raupuk & wife, 901 S Potomac st, g r $35

Residence: 901 S Potomac, 1923, Baltimore, MD. 11520 In 1923 Baltimore City directory, Raupuk Sigmond listed as laborer, with wife Sophie, living at 901 S Potomac. [this location is between Highlandtown and Fells Point, south of Patterson Park. It is very close to Elliot Street, where Edward Raupuk says he was born in 1922. Potomac and Elliot intersect each other south of this location.]

Residence: 619 S 14th E, 1924, Baltimore, MD. 11521 In 1924-5 Baltimore City directory, Raupuk Sigmond listed as tinworker, with wife Sophia, living at 619 S 14th E.

Occupation: Tinworker, 1930. 11523

Residence: 503 S Newkirk, 1930 To 1942, Baltimore, MD. 10061,11516,11523,11524 [This is really the same house as 619 S 14th E. Baltimore changed the street names from numbers to alphabetic. Note that "N" for Newkirk is the 14th letter of the alphabet. - knowledge of Ed Raupuk]

[This location is east of Highlandtown on Eastern Avenue just west of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center]

Census, 12 Apr 1930, Baltimore, MD. 10057
1) Raupuk, Sigmond, head of household, owns his home at 503 Newkirk Street, home valued at $3750, age 34, married, first married at 21, can read and write, born Poland, parents born Poland, spoke Polish before coming to U.S., immigrated to U.S. in 1912, citizenship status "Pa" [First Papers], speaks English, Rougher at Steel Mill
2) Raupuk, Sophia, wife, age 27, married, first married at 15, can read and write, born NJ, parents born Poland, no occupation
3) Raupuk, Leo, son, age 11, attends school, born PA, father born Poland, mother born NJ
4) Raupuk, Albert, son, age 9, born NJ, father born Poland, mother born NJ
5) Raupuk, Edward, son, age 7, attends school, born MD, father born Poland, mother born NJ
6) Raupuk, Jenevieve, daughter, age 6, born MD, father born Poland, mother born NJ
7) Raupuk, Milton, son, age 3 2/12, born MD, father born Poland, mother born NJ
8) Bialik, Charles, boarder, age 43, widow, can read and write, born Russia, father born Poland, mother born NJ, immigrated in 1909, Alien, speaks English, laborer in steel mill.

Occupation: Steel Worker, 1936. 10061

Citizenship: Declaration of Intention, 25 Feb 1936, Baltimore, MD. 10061 Declaration of Intention, District of Maryland, in the District Court of the US at Baltimore, MD. I Zigmund Raupuk, now residing at 503 South Newkirk Street, Baltimore, Maryland, occupation Steel Worker, age 39 years, male, white, fair complexion, brown eyes, brown hair, 5 feet 8 inches, 190 pounds, Polish race, Polish nationality. Born in Tulanka, Poland, on March 15 1896. Married to Sophie on January 27 1918 at Jersey City, NJ; she was born at Jersey City, NJ, on December 16 1902 and now resides at Baltimore, MD. Five children: Leo, born Dec 22 1918 at Farrell, PA, Albert, born Jan 22 1920 at Bayonne, NJ, Edward, born Aug 31 1922, Jeannette, born March 24 1924, and Milton, born February 6 1927, at Baltimore, MD. All children reside at Baltimore, MD. I have heretofore made a declaration of intention on 1919 at Bayonne, NJ. My last foreign residence was Bremen, Germany. I emigrated to the USA from Bremen, Germany. My lawful entry for permanent residence in the US was at Baltimore, MD under the name Sigismund Raupuk on April 15 1913 on the vessel "Main". Signed Zigmund Raupuk at Baltimore, MD on 25 Feb 1936.

Newspaper Article: Victim of Theft, 9 Aug 1936, Baltimore, MD. 11516 After a hearing before Magistrate John A. Janetzke, Jr., Stanley Dombrowski, of the 500 block South Macon street, was held in $1,000 bail for the alleged larceny of $40 in cash and $40 in postal savings checks from Zygmund Raupuk of the 500 block South Newkirk street.
Raupuk told Sergt. Ignatius Benesch that he missed the money and checks after spending some time with Dombrowski in a tavern. The policeman found the money and checks hidden in a back room of the tavern, which was located on Eastern avenue...

Census, 6 Apr 1940, Baltimore, MD. 10058
1. Raupuk, Sygmund, head of household, owns his home at 503 Newkirk Street, valued at $2000, age 43, married, completed 4th grade, born Poland, alien, lived in same house on 1 April 1935, worked 32 hours of private or non-emergency Govt work during week of March 24-30, occupation roller in tinplate industry, a wage or salary worker in private work, worked 40 weeks in 1939, $1900 wages in 1939, no other income.
2. Raupuk, Sophie D., wife, age 37, married, completed 6th grade, born NJ, lived in same house on 1 April 1935, engaged in home housework, worked 0 weeks in 1939, $0 wages, received other income.
3. Raupuk, Leo, son, age 21, single, completed 8th grade, born PA, worked 40 hours of private or non-emergency Govt work during week of March 24-30, occupation laborer in nail mill, a wage or salary worker in private work, worked 32 weeks in 1939, $730 wages in 1939, no other income.
4. Raupuk, Albert, son, age 19, single, completed 2nd year of high school, born NJ, was seeking work during week of March 24-30, unemployed for 4 weeks, occupation "bale" in pipe mill, a wage or salary worker in private work, worked 28 weeks in 1939, $800 wages in 1939, no other income.
5. Raupuk, Edward, son, age 17, single, attending school, completed 3rd year of high school, born MD, in school, worked 0 weeks in 1939, $0 wages, no other income.
6. Raupuk, Jeanette, daughter, age 16, single, not attending school, completed 8th grade, born MD, was seeking work during week of March 24-30, unemployed for 52 weeks, new worker, worked 0 weeks in 1939, $0 wages in 1939, no other income, father born Poland, mother born NJ, Polish spoken in home in earliest childhood, not a child of a veteran, does not have a Social Security number, usual occupation waitress in cafeteria.
7. Raupuk, Milton, son, age 13, single, attending school, completed 5th grade, born MD.
There is a married couple, not related to Raupuks, paying rent at the same address, so possibly Sygmund and Sophie are renting out a room.

Occupation: Millworker, 1942. 11524

Appearance in Document: WW2 Draft Registration, 25 Apr 1942, Baltimore, MD. 11527 Zygmond Raupuk resides at 503 S. Newkirk St., Baltimore, MD, age 46, born 16 Mar 1896 in Pulanka, Poland. Contact is Mrs. Sophie Raupuk of same address. Employer says "Temporarily Unemployed." Height 5 ft 6, weight 160, light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, slight scar on upper lip. Registration card is stamped by registrar in Cumberland, MD.

Occupation: Labor at Steel Mill, 1950. 11526

Residence: 6709 1/2 Boston Avenue, 1950, Baltimore, MD. 11526

Census, 20 Apr 1950, Baltimore, MD. 11526
Raupuk, Sygmund, head (only person in household), 55, widow, b Poland, parents b Poland, not naturalized citizen, living upstairs at 6709 1/2 Boston Avenue, was not living there a year ago, worked 40 hours as labor at steel mill, completed 2nd grade, worked 50 weeks last year, income $2900, never served in U.S. armed forces.

Walter and Jeanette Palucki are living downstairs.

Story: Pulanka. There are several candidates for the location Pulanka, which was listed at Zygmund's birthplace on his WW2 Draft Registration.

There is a village called Polanka in south-west Poland, in Lower Silesian Province of today's Poland.

There is a village called Polanka in south Poland, in Lesser Poland Province of today's Poland. There is another village in the same province called Polanka Wielka.

There is a village called Polanka in east-central Poland, in Masovian Province of today's Poland.

There is a village of Polanka in today's southeastern Latvia, very near the border with Russia and Belarus.

Story. Born in Poland, moved to New Jersey, then Pennsylvania, then to Baltimore. Came to US into Ellis Island in 1916 or 1917. His brother sent him to US to avoid WWI. Believe he was in U.S. before U.S. joined the war. He and Sophie got married about 6 or 8 weeks after he arrived. He was 21, she was 16. (family knowledge)

Story: Galicia. Galicia is a region of SE Poland and NW Ukranian SSR. Borders S on Czechoslovakia, extends from the Carpathians into the Vistula valley. Principal cities are Cracow and Tarnow in Poland, and Lvov and Stanislav in Ukranian SSR. Until 1919 Galicia was an Austro-Hungarian crownland. Polish was official language in section W of San River, Ukranian was language E of river. During WWI, a Polish legion was organized in Galicia and fought on the side of Austria until 1917. The entire region was the scene of heavy fighting. The Paris Peace conference in 1919 assigned all of Galicia to Poland. Under Soviet-Polish treaty of 1945, most of E Galicia was awarded to Ukranian SSR. (from The Columbia Lippincott Gazetteer of the World, 1961, p656)

Story: Galicia. The wikipedia entry for Galicia says "Beginning in the 1880s, a mass emigration of the Galician peasantry occurred. The emigration started as a seasonal one to Imperial Germany (newly unified and economically dynamic) and then later became a Trans-Atlantic one with large-scale emigration to the United States, Brazil, and Canada . Caused by the backward economic condition of Galicia where rural poverty was widespread (see Economy below), the emigration began in the western, Polish populated part of Galicia and quickly shifted east to the Ukrainian inhabited parts. Poles, Ukrainians, Jews, and Germans all participated in this mass movement of countryfolk and villagers. Poles migrated principally to New England and the midwestern states of the United States, but also to Brazil and elsewhere; Ukrainians migrated to Brazil, Canada, and the United States, with a very intense emigration from Southern Podolia to Western Canada; and Jews emigrated both directly to the New World and also indirectly via other parts of Austria-Hungary. A total of several hundred thousand people were involved in this Great Economic Emigration which grew steadily more intense until the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. The war put a temporary halt to the emigration which never again reached the same proportions.

Story. Worked in steel mill in Pennsylvania, then at Sparrow's Point in Baltimore for Bethlehem Steel. Lived on Elliot St. Ed does not know why they moved to Baltimore, but assumes Zygmund was following work. (family knowledge)

Story. Ed says all children were born at home, none at hospitals.

Story. Owned a bar in East Baltimore for a while, in Highlandtown off of Eastern Ave. Had it for about 5 years.

Immigration. There are no Raupuk records in the Philadelphia or Boston immigration records.

Obituary: Baltimore Sun, 13 May 1975, Baltimore, MD. 10063 RAUPUK
On May 9 1975 ZYGMUND of Boston avenue beloved husband of the late Sophie (nee Pacholec) and devoted father of Leo, Albert, Edward, and Milton Raupuk and the late Jeanette Palucki. Also survived by 17 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Funeral at Walter Dabrowski Graceland Park Funeral Chapel, 1005 Dundalk avenue on Tuesday at 8:15 A.M. Mass of Christian Burial at Sacred Heart of Mary Church at 9 A.M. Interment in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.


Zygmund* married Sophie* PACHOLEC, daughter of Wladyslaw* PACHOLEC and Josepha* GAJEWSKA, on 27 Jan 1918 in Jersey City, Hudson Co, NJ.10061 (Sophie* PACHOLEC was born on 16 Dec 1902 in Jersey City, Hudson Co, NJ,10061 died on 2 Oct 1949 in Baltimore, MD 11517,11525 and was buried in Baltimore, MD 11517,11525.)

  Noted events in their marriage were:

Marriage, 27 Jan 1918, Jersey City, Hudson Co, NJ. 10061 Reported on Declaration of Intention in 1936.

Marriage, 1918, New Jersey. 11529 Pacholec, Sophie, and Raupuk, Zygmont, married in 1918, state file #27048.

Marriage, 1918, New Jersey. 11532 Pacholec, Zofia, and Raupuk, Zygmunt, married in 1918, state file #27048.

Story: Wedding Photo, cir 1918. Ed Raupuk does not know who any of the people in the photo are, except that Sophie's parents are standing behind her (middle of back row).

The photo was taken by a photographer in Baltimore, so did the wedding really happen in Baltimore or in New Jersey?

Marriage, cir 1918. 10057

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