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KINSEY, Joseph*
GATES, Hannah*
(1785-Between 1852/1852)


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KINSEY, Seth* 78,79

  • Born: 23 Jan 1785, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States 75,78,80
  • Marriage: PICKERING, Rachel* on 16 May 1811 in Eastland Mtg House, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Died: Between 1 Jan 1852 and 25 May 1852, Harford County, Maryland, United States 79
  • Buried: Eastland Friends Burial Ground, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States

bullet  Birth Notes:

Seth Kinsey was son of John Kinsey and Mary Rice, b 23-1m-1785.

bullet  Burial Notes:

Grave for Seth Kinsey, 1785-1852, is found in Eastland Friends Graveyard, Little Britain Twp, PA. There are no other Kinseys from that era listed at Eastland Cemetery.


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

Census, 1790, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States. John Kinsey entry includes 2 males under 16 [Abel, Seth]. (Bucks Co, PA)

Census, 1800, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States. John Kinsey entry includes 1 male 10-15 [Seth]. (Buckingham Twp, Bucks Co, PA)

Appearance in Document, 10 Mar 1802, Eastland Mtg House, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States. 81 Seth Kinsey and Rachel Pickering are both listed as witnesses at the wedding of Ezra Brown and Hannah Pickering on 10th day 3rd month 1802 at Eastland Mtg. Hannah Pickering is named as the daughter of Jesse and Ann of Little Britain Twp, Lancaster Co, PA. Other witnesses include John Kinsey, Hannah Kinsey, Abel Kinsey, Phebe Kinsey, Sidney Pickering, Jesse Pickering, and Ann Pickering.

Census, 1810, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States. Jno Kinsey entry includes 5 males 16-25 [Seth is 25]. (Little Britain Twp, Lancaster Co, PA)

Property, 6 Jun 1817, Little Britain Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States. Seth Kinsey, et ux, granted a deed to Abel Kinsey (Deed Book 16, p266)

Census, 1820, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States. 82 Seth Kinsey entry shows 2 males under 10, 1 male over 45, 2 females 10-16, 1 female over 45, with 1 person engaged in agriculture. [but this doesn't make sense. I believe the entry should read 2 males under 10 (Elam, Charles), then shift all remaining columns 1 slot to the left, resulting in 1 male 26-45 (Seth), 2 females under 10 (Ann, Mary), 1 female 26-45 (Rachel).] (Drumore Twp, Lancaster Co, PA)

Census, 1830, Little Britain Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States. 83 Seth Kinsey is 40-50, living with 1 female 40-50 [Rachel], 1 male 15-20 [Elam], 1 female 15-20 [unknown], 1 female 10-15 [Ann], 1 male 5-10 [Charles]. On same page is John Kinsey (age 80-90, with 1 male 50-60, 1 female 50-60, 1 male 30-40, 1 female 20-30, 3 males 15-20, 1 male 10-15, 1 female 10-15), Joseph Lindley, Eli Lindley, Anthony Pickering, and John Pickering.

Story: Little Britain Mtg. Little Britain Mtg is at the northern junction of Rt 222 and Rt 272, at today's town of Wakefield. I went to that location and discovered Penn Hill Meeting house, which was built in 1823. According to a brochure that I found there about the meeting, Little Britain Meeting is referred to in West Nottingham Mtg minutes in 1745. In 1761, the meeting was being held in a log house. A stone building was built in 1823 at Penn Hill. The brochure said "Little Britain Friends" on the cover, and listed Penn Hill Meeting and Eastland Meeting. So presumably Penn Hill is today's descendant of the original Little Britain Meeting. (personal knowledge of Les Lindley)

Little Britain Twp is in SE corner of Lancaster Co, adjacent to W Nottingham Twp in Chester Co. Eastland Meeting is in the very SE corner, only about a mile from Chester Co and Maryland. Cecil Co is across the border. Harford Co is just southwest, across the Susquehanna River.

Property, 9 May 1835, Harford County, Maryland, United States. 84 9 May 1835. James Wells of Lancaster Co PA sold 140 acres to Seth Kinsey of Lancaster Co PA for $560. The land was in Harford Co MD, being part of several tracts of land called Major Purchase, Major Venture part of Whitefords Desire and part of Neals Reperation, it being the farm that did belong to the estate of Amos Pyle and adjoining the land of Joel Harvey, Lat Allen, Daniel Whiteford and David Pyle. A note in the record book says "must be paid for when delivered, 17 Feby 1836". (Harford Co Land Records, H.D. #18 (1834-36), folio 257)

Appearance in Document, 13 Jun 1835. Seth & Rachel (Pickering) & 2 minor ch Mary R & Charles Clark, gct Deer Creek MM, MD 13-6-1835 (Other ch granted separate cert same mtg.) (Pennsylvania Quaker Records, found at

Census, 1840, Harford County, Maryland, United States. Seth Kinsey entry is 1 male 20-30 [Elam or Charles], 1 male 50-60 [Seth], 1 female 20-30 [Ann], 1 female 40-50 [Rachel]. (Harford Co, MD, p5)

Census, 9 Aug 1850, District 1, Harford County, Maryland, United States. 78
1) Seth Kinsey, age 65, farmer, $1000 real estate, born PA
2) Rachill Kinsey, age 60, born PA
3) Ann Kinsey, age 35, born MD
4) Elam Kinsey, age 33, farmer, born MD
5) Howard Kinsey, age 5, born MD.

Will, 24 May 1851, Harford County, Maryland, United States. 79 I Seth Kinsey of Dublin District in the County of Harford and State of Maryland, being at present in heth of Body and of sound Disposing mind and memory, but knowing the uncertainty of time have thaught best to Settele and dispose of what Earthly Substance I have been favoured to posses and enjoy.
I the above Seth Kinsey do tharefore in revoking all other wills By me made constitute make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit.
Item 1st I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Rachel Kinsey her case of drawers with all their contents. allso her choice of one feather bed bedstead and beding I also give and bequith unto my Aforesaid wife full and free priveledge of a home in the dwelling house I now occupy together with a Sufficiency of all necessary provisions propper and suatabel for her daily and constant support During her naturl life or as long as She remains my widow I also further devise that my afformentioned wife be furnised with a horse or conveniance to attend meeting or other places of necessity together with every necessary attention and accomodation that may be for her conveniance during the period or timm last above mentioned all of which above priveleges and accomodation to be rendered by my son Elam Kinsey to whome I herafter leave & bequeath the westerly end of my farm that I now live on and occupy.
Item 2nd I give and bequeath unto my son Elam Kinsey the west end of my Farm which I now own and occupy and on which I now reside subject to above in cumberance as well as waht may be hereafter named to wit Beginning at a corner of David Pyle and my lands and in the line of Daniel Whitefords land thence along the lines of said Whiteford and my place and John Whitford on or near the publick road leading from Henry Mactees a Northly direction keeping the severall corses of my farm by lands of James Allen untill it comes to the corner in the field of or by James Allens land and my own a Southerly or a South west direction untill it comes to where my land and line runs a South East Direction leaving which line the course is to continue thrugh my land in the same direction as when running by lands of James Allen a Strate Couse untill it passes about four rods past a Chestnut tree now standing in the fence row the lower Side of the lane by the Publick road between my house and James Allens from thence a Southerly or South East direction thrught my land untill by a straight line it strike the westerly corner of my woodlands on the East corner of my place at which point is to make an angl or turn and run parralell with and along the backside of the woodlands and lower side of the field thus running a strait course an Easterly or North Eastly Direction thrugh part of the woods so as to strike the line of Joel Harvys and my land whare a small run crosses th esame, from thence on the line of Joel Harvys and my land to the most Easterly corner theareof thence on the line of John and David Pyle and my land to th eplace of Beginning supposed to contain one hundred Acres be the same within th eaforemention ZBounetery more or less which afforesed tract or parsell of land above discrbed with the dwelling house I now occupy and every other building thereon Erected with wood ways and wattercorses & all other things thereunto Apertaining or belonging I give an bequeath unto my son Elam Kinsey his heirs and assigns forever, Subject never th eless to the aforsaid incumbers and what may be herafter named.
Item 3rd I give and bequeth unto my son Charles Clark Kinsey all the resedu and East End of my farm that I now own and occupy Subject to the incumberance herein after named. Ajoining the land bequeth to my son Elam Kinsey, Joel Harvy James Allen & supposed to contain forty Acres be the same more or less which I give & bequeath to my son Charles Clark Kinsey his heirs and assigns for ever with all the building & improvements woods ways watters rent profits and every other thing, and thereunto belonging or in any other wifs belonging Subject never the less to the incumberance herein after mentioned.
Item 4th I give and bequeath to my Daughter Ann Kinsey the sum of three Hundred Dollars to be paid to her in manner and form following to wit two Hundred Dollars of the above legacy to my daughter Ann to be paid to her by her brother Charles Clark Kinsey and one hundred by her brother Elam Kinsey in one year after my decease then to be on interest untill paid which interest is to be paid yearly and every year to my Daughter Ann Kinsey by her two brothers Elam & Charles Clark Kinsey untill paid off in full which I hereby will and desire should be done within five years after my deu or at least to be so paid by my two sons Elam & Charles Clark Kinsey provided their sister Ann should should need it or otherwise to be and remain a leain on the popperty of my two sons as above with interest to be paid yearly and the prinipall when needed. I further Bequeath to my Daughter Ann Kinsey the Bureau she now occupys with all their contents. Also one feather Bed Bedstead and Beding. I allso give her one Cow and six sheep to be taken out of my stock at my Decese I allso further give her a home in the house I now occupy and in which I now Reside so long as she remains Single.
Item 5th I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary Pyle now the wife of John Pyle the sum of fifty dollars to be paid to her in six years after my Deceac without interest which said sum of fifty dollars is to be and remain a lien on the west end of my place & to be paid out by my son Elam Kinsey as above directed.
I further will and desire that as much of my personal Estate as may be Requisite to Discharge all my Just Debts be Disposed of.
The Residue of my out Dorore persona Estate I give and Bequth to my son Elam Kinsey and that of personall in the house to be Eqully Divided between Elam & Ann Kinsey share & share alike.
And it is my will that my Daughter Ann Kinsey to have the front room up stairs for her own use while single and that Charles Clark Kinsey shall have one feather Bed and Beding.
And Lastly I nominate and apoint my two sons Elam and Charles Clarke Kinsey my sole Executors to Execute this my last will and testament according to the true intent and meaning thereof.
In witness of all the foregoing clauses in this my last will and testament I the testator have set my hand and seal the 24 Day of the 5 month Eighteen hundred and fifty one.
Signed Seth Kinsey.
Witnessed by John Broomall, Burgess W. Day, Joseph G. Mitchell.

Probate, 25 May 1852, Harford County, Maryland, United States. 79 The 25th Day of May 1852. Then came Elam Kinsey who produced this instrument of writing and did solemnly sincerely and truly declare and affirm that he found the same amongst the papers of the Testator and that it is the true and whole last will and Testament of Seth Kinsey late of Harford County Deceased that both come to his hands or possession and that he doth not know of any other.
Certified by C. W. Billingslea

Story: Eastland Mtg. I visited Eastland Friends Meeting. It is located on Kirks Mill Road, 1/2 mile East of its intersection with Little Britain Road. Little Britain Road goes from Rt 222 near the Maryland border NE through Wrightsdale to the town of Little Britain. Travelling from Rt 222, Kirks Mill Road intersects Little Britain Road just past the Wrightsdale Baptist Church. Eastland meeting was established in 1796 (according to a brochure found at Penn Hill Meeting), and the building was built in 1803 (according to the brochure, and a stone set into the building itself). Seth Kinsey's tombstone says "Seth Kinsey Born 1785 Died 1852 Our Father". There are no other Kinseys nearby (the nearest stones are for Wood family members). Much of the area around Seth's stone is empty, so perhaps there were other Kinsey family members buried there but without stones, or whose stones are no longer there. I found one other Kinsey stone, but it is for someone born after Seth died. The other stone says "Kinsey" at the top, and lists two people, presumably husband and wife. One is "Phebe C", "Feb 25 1874 Dec 31 1958". The other is "Seth L", "May 11 1857 Aug 15 1948". There is a Seth Kinsey, born 1857, living with this Seth's son Elam Kinsey in the 1860 Census Harford Co Census (see Elam Kinsey entry), so this is probably him. There were three Pickering family members with stones in the graveyard. I've listed them on the Pickering Family card. (personal knowledge of Les Lindley)

Property, 1856, Harford County, Maryland, United States. 85 Elam Kinsey, executor for Seth Kinsey, sold land to Finley Stewart (Harford Co Land Records, ALJ 7-146)

Religion: Quaker.

Story. 1 Jan 1824, Joshua Scott made a map of Lancaster Co, showing where various families lived. On this map, "Pickerings" appears on a branch of Octararo Creek, just NE of the location of the Baptist Meeting House (which is E of Conawingo Creek, barely N of the Maryland border). I estimate this is near the present town of Wrightsdale. Inside the first large bend of Octararo Creek appears "Kinseys Tilt Hammer". It's not clear if "Kinseys" is meant to be a separate entry from "Tilt Hammer" or if it is all one entry. The hammer is on the E side of a creek running due north from the big bend through "Kirks Mills" E of the Friends Meeting House. All this is in Little Britain Twp. In Dromore [sic] Twp, there is another Friends Meeting House. E of the meeting house, on a branch of Fishing Creek, appears "Kinsey", NW of "Mt Pleasant". I estimate this is near the present town of Chestnut Level. This map is available in the DAR Library, Map Drawer 3, map M-14.

Story. An excerpt from "History of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania", p937, found at It may be instructive to glance at these various possessions and see what has become of them. One of the first was one hundred and twenty-five acres on Octorara Creek, taken up in 1787, and sold to David Reynolds in 1771. David sold to Samuel Reynolds in 1773, who sold to Roger Teague in 1798, and he to Samuel Carter in 1801, who sold to John, Abel, and Seth Kinsey in 1811. ... The village of Kinseyville is on this tract, the Kinseys having erected an extensive blacksmith-shop and tilt-hammer on the run, and built a number of houses there. Since Abel Kinsey's death it was converted into a spoke-factory, and is now used as a saw-mill. This tract was located as being in Drumore township.

Story: History of Little Britain Twp: Little Britain Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States. Little Britain Township was not one of the original townships of Lancaster County, but it was among the first organized based on court records. On February 7, 1738, a petition was set forth by many of the inhabitants of Drumore Township to separate and create another township. The reason was because the community was getting too large and the residents suffered many inconveniences by being under one township. When it came time to divide Drumore Township into two, the community had a hard time deciding on a name for the new township. Many names were proposed and many names were considered. Finally, John Jamison one of the oldest and most prominent citizens, proposed that it be called Little Britain Township because most of them were of Scotch-Irish descent & came from Great Britain. So in memory of the "mother country", the new township became known as Little Britain. For over one hundred years, Little Britain Township's boundaries remained unchanged, until 1844 when another township was formed known as Fulton. BOUNDARIES \endash After Fulton Township was formed, new boundaries were established for Little Britain Township. Little Britain Township was now bounded on the northeast by the western branch of the Octorara Creek, which separates it from Colerain Township; on the southeast by the main Octorara Creek, which separates it from Chester County; on the northwest by Drumore Township and on the west by Fulton Township. The extreme length from North to South was approximately eight miles, & the width from the Fulton Township line to Pine Grove Bridge was over five miles. ORIGINAL ACREAGE -- This area has perhaps the earliest documentation of land ownership in the county. In 1714, Alexander Ross took out a warrant for 500+ acres for a northern track of land, & in 1735, Elisha Gatchell & Henry Reynolds took out a warrant for 600+ acres in the southern track of land. Elisha kept 300+ acres & Henry kept 300+ acres. The nearly 1200 acres were eventually sold & divided into various segments of land which constitute part of what is now Little Britain Township. EARLY VILLAGES -- The Township had within its limit several small villages that thrived with the prosperity of the country. The village of Kinseyville was in the extreme south on a one hundred and twenty five acre track of land. The Kinseys erected an extensive blacksmith shop and tilt hammer as well as a number of houses. After Abel Kinsey's death the blacksmith shop was converted into a spoke factory. It was later turned into a sawmill , Kirk's Mill, which was in thenext village above Kinseyville, that had been started by Jacob Kirk. The village consisted of a mill, a store, and a post office. Also within its limit was Eastland Friends' Meeting house, which was a place for worship and meetings, and a school house which accommodated the neighborhood. About two miles north of Kirk's Mill was the village of Elim, which is now Little Britain. Within this village there was a post office, a store, a blacksmith, a wheelwright shop, a dentist's office, and a public school house. A mile and a half east of Elim was Oak Hill, the public center of the township, where all the public transactions took place. Public elections and various meetings took place here; all of the township books were kept here for public viewing. Oak Hill had a large hotel to entertain strangers, a store house, a spoke mill, a blacksmith shop, and a public school. Approximately one and a half miles northeast of Oak Hill was a village by the name of Ashville now known as Tayloria. The village was named after Phineas Ash who was very wealthy and held consi derable amounts of property at the time. The village consisted of a store, wheelwright shop, and a meeting house (originally built by the Friends). Two miles northwest of Ashville was Oak Shade \endash Spring Hill village. Oak Shade only had a blacksmith shop, and most of the people didn't reside there. About half a mile west was Spring Hill where most of the population resided. Spring Hill got its name because of a strong spring of water flowing out of a hill northward of the place. A little over a mile northwest of Oak Shade was a village call Fairmount. Fairmount had a general store, a post office, a blacksmith shop, and a public school. Also located in this village was a station for the Peach Bottom Railroad. RAILROAD -- One mode of transportation back at that time was the Peach Bottom Railroad (narrow gauge) which entered the township from Chester county (crossing the Octorara), passed up the west branch (on its southern side) to King's Bridge, then turned up a small summit beyond Fairmount station. The train then descended a small branch of the Conewingo until it crossed the township line into Fulton. Before reaching the Fulton House, the train passed four stations which were located in Spruce Grove, White Rock, King's Bridge, and Fairmount. The railroad was used as public transportation and for the shipment of goods from one place to another. MINING -- Blacksmiths and wheelwrights were important to the area, but the most notable industry was the chrome mines on the Wood farm, commonly known as "the Wood Mines". Isaac Tyson Jr. of Tyson mining in Baltimore, purchased the land from the Wood family and began extracting chrome until 1883. Tyson had chrome mines along the East Coast as far north as Vermont, but the chrome pits on this land was the most productive in the world and furnished a large portion of the chrome of commerce. In 1883, the mines were filled with water and closed. Eventually, the land and all of its contents were re-acquired by the Wood family to be used for farming purposes. During World War II it was thought the mines might open again, but it was not feasible. WORSHIP -- There were two public churches within the township where the people could gather for worship. Eastland Friends' Meeting H ouse and burial ground was established in 1792. Without being large, the meeting house was sufficient for those who worship in it. In 1848 a lot was purchased at Ashville to erect another Friends' meeting house, which was also used by other denominations to hold worship services when the Friends didn't have their meetings. The meeting house was used a number of years by the Friends, but after the trustees who held the property died, the premises were sold to the Presbyterians for their use & benefit. The Little Britain Presbyterian Church & the Little Britain Friends' Meeting house at Penn Hill were originally named when Little Britain and Fulton were one township. (posted at without any source attribution)


Seth* married Rachel* PICKERING, daughter of Jesse* PICKERING and Ann* KEMBLE, on 16 May 1811 in Eastland Mtg House, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States. (Rachel* PICKERING was born on 31 Jan 1786 in Pennsylvania, United States,75 died in 1859 in Harford County, Maryland, United States 86 and was buried in Fawn Grove Methodist Church Cemetery, York County, Pennsylvania, United States 86.). The cause of her death was Consumption.

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

Marriage Notice, 16 May 1811, Eastland Mtg House, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States. Kinsey, Seth son of John and Mary Kinsey of Little Britain, married 5 /16/1811 at Eastland Meeting to Pickering, Rachel dau of Jesse and Ann Pickering of Little Britain (Penn Hill marriage records, transcribed at

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