KINSEY, David*
UNKNOWN, Magdalen*
(-Bef 1715)


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1. STEVENS, Sarah

2. HULL, Grace


  • Born: Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Marriage (1): STEVENS, Sarah on 20 Aug 1687 in Philadelphia Mtg, Philadelphia Co, PA
  • Marriage (2): HULL, Grace
  • Died: 1735, Woodbridge, New Jersey Colony

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

Immigration, 1682, Pennsylvania, United States. 147 David Kinsey, with wife Magdalen, son John, and son Edmund, was passenger on William Penn's 23 ships.

Appearance in Document, 16 Oct 1685, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States. 164 16-10m-1685. Will of Henry Gibbs of Bucks Co proved. Will was witnessed by John Kinsey. (Berks Co Will Book A, Vol 1, p12).

Residence, 1687, Philadelphia Mtg, Philadelphia Co, PA. 162 John Kinsey, the elder son of David and Magdalen, became united with the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting and married under the auspices of that meeting 20-8m-1687, Sarah Stevens, his mother Magdalen signing as a witness. The records show that he was very active in the affairs of the meeting until after the death of his wife Sarah, 11-7m-1702, filling the positions of Trustee and Overseer and constantly in attendance.

Property, 12 Nov 1701. 165 12-11m-1701. Minutes of Board of Property state "John Kinsey Produces an acc't Signed by Phin. Pemberton, taken out of James Harrison's Books, by which it appears he had bought and paid for 200 acres of Land of the Prop'ry, also a Copy of a Warrt out of the Surv'rs Office Signed by Ja. Claypoole and Robt. Turner, dated 4th 6 mo., 1684, for 200 acres bo't of Ja. Harrison and 100 more on rent to be laid out in the County of Philad'a, also a draught Under the Dav. Powell's hand of the said quantities, which the said David, Being present, affirms is located in the Welch Tract and thereupon the said John Kinsey requests a Resurvey in order to a Patent and to purchase of the rent of the 100 acres. The arrears of rent on the 100 acres is 10 (viz: 16 years at 12s 6d p'r year) and the Purchase is 11 in all 21, which he agrees to pay. Ordered thereupon a War't as requested and Patent, &ca."

Story, 1703. 162 Smith's "History of Friends in the Province of Pennsylvania" states that John Kinsey of New Jersey and several prominent Friends from Pennsylvania made a religious visit to New England in 1703, John Kinsey visiting the Island of Nantucket, "where he was instrumental in promoting the principles of Quakers."

Residence, Cir 1703, Woodbridge Mtg, Middlesex County, New Jersey, United States. 162 About the year 1703, John Kinsey seems to have removed from Philadelphia to Woodbridge, NJ, though still retaining the office of Trustee of Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. John was probably accompanied by his younger brother Edmund in the removal to Woodbridge, where Edmund was already living when he applied for the certificate from Newark Monthly Meeting to enable him [Edmund] to marry. John united with Woodbridge Monthly Meeting of Friends and took an active interest therein until his death in 1735.

Residence, 1704, Woodbridge, East New Jersey. In 1704 John Kinsey settled in Woodbridge, East New Jersey, and became speaker of the assembly there.

Property, 11 Oct 1704. 166 1704-10m-11. Minutes of the Board of Property record "Richard Hill haveing formerly Purchased a Right from Jno. Kinsey, of a Lott of 40 f't, or thereabouts, in Chestnut Str., the 2d Lott Northside beyond the 5th Street, formerly granted to James Pugh, and by his sold To Kinsey. And Now haveing Purchased of Ephraim Allen, Husband of Eliz'th, Relict of Jeremiah Powel, his Right To a lott On the said 5th Street, Adjoyn'g On the former ... requests a Confirmation of both, and to Purchase another Vacant Lott ..."

Story, 21 May 1716, East Jersey. 167 John Kinsey also became active in political affairs during the controversy between the Assembly of East Jersey and Daniel Coxe. On 21 May 1716, the friends of the Governor got together thirteen members of Assembly, being sufficient for a quorum; they organized and deposed Dr Coxe, both as Speaker and Member of the House and elected John Kinsey Speaker, a position he held until his death. He was succeeded by his son John Kinsey Jr.


EARLY historians of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, who included the Kinseys of Bucks County, rightly mentioned Edmund Kinsey and his wife, Sarah (Ogborn) Kinsey, of Buckingham Township as the forbears of the Bucks countians of the name. Their large family of nine children married into many of the early and well-known families of the region and much is known of them after the coming of Edmund Kinsey, the Quaker minister, to Buckingham Friends' Meeting.

Errors began when early historians assumed that Edmund Kinsey was a descendant of John Kinsey, one of the Commissioners of West Jersey, who arrived in the ship, Kentin, in 1677 and who died within two months after his arrival. His son, John, took up his affairs and continued to appear in early records. He is known as John Kinsey of Shackmaxon. He is frequently associated in the records with Thomas Fairman who married his sister, Elizabeth Kinsey. This family came from Hadham in Hertfordshire, England, and is in no way related to David Kinsey, the father of Edmund Kinsey of Bucks County.

That Edmund was the son of David Kinsey is clearly shown by the Board of Property records and early Friends' records of Pennsylvania.

There were three early John Kinseys. Two, at least, were contemporaneous. John Kinsey of Shackmaxon and John Kinsey, brother of Edmund. The latter removed from Philadelphia to Woodbridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey. There he became a member and later Speaker of the New Jersey House of Delegates. His son, John Kinsey, Jr., succeeded him as Speaker and later moved to Philadelphia and became Chief Justice of Pennsylvania. Some early historians have assigned these two John Kinseys, son and grandson of David Kinsey, to Commissioner Kinsey's family.

This has led to confusion in the minds of the more recent historians and genealogists of the Kinsey family. As a result, the compiler of the Kinsey data in this volume has given more time, effort and made greater research in this particular lineage than for any other included in the "Antestry of Sharpless Moore and Rachel (Roberts) Moore." The Archives of both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, county records and many records of Friends' Meetings have been consulted.

A wealth of records has been found. They confirm--David Kinsey as the first or immigrant ancestor of Edmund Kinsey. He came from Nantmeal, Radnorshire, Wales, in 1682 to Pennsylvania. That Edmund Kinsey was his son is shown by his relation in the records to Howell James, who married Magdalen Kinsey, widow of David Kinsey. That John Kinsey was the son of David Kinsey is shown by a deed (Board of Property in Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Volume I, Page 406), "8 mo. 4, 1703. Tho. Jno. Evans Sen'r of Radnor, really paid for his 250 a's ***. The title of the 50 a's follows; David Kinsey by warrant took up 300 acres in Radnor on Rent, who deceasing, his widow Magdalen and HEIR Jno. Kinsey by deed dat. 14, Ober, '90 sold the same to James James of Radnor, yeoman, who by deed dat. 8-4-'95 sold to said Thomas Jno. Evans."

Since John was the elder son he was, of course, the heir. When John Kinsey married under the auspices of Philadelphia Friends' Monthly Meeting, 8 mo. 20, 1687, Sarah Stevens, Magdalen Kinsey signed as a witness. When Magdalen Kinsey was married under the auspices of Radnor Meeting, 9 mo. 20, 1690 to Howell James, John Kinsey likewise signed as a witness.

These records, clearly, seem to show the line of descent of John Kinsey of Middlesex County, New Jersey, the Speaker of the House of Delegates of New Jersey, from David Kinsey and that he was from the same family as Edmund Kinsey.

Story. 162 Smith in his History of New Jersey confounds John Kinsey, son of David, with John Kinsey of Shackamaxon, who was a son of John Kinsey alias Kelsey, one of the Commissioners of West Jersey who arrived in the Ship Kent in 1677 and died of fever within two months of his arrival. John Kinsey the son of the Commissioner died 1698 leaving a will, which mentions his mother, a brother Benjamin and sister Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Fairman. This family came from Great Hadham, Hertfordshire, and was, so far as is known, in no wise [sic] connected with David Kinsey who came from Radnor County, Wales.

Occupation: Speaker of the Assembly of East Jersey.

Religion: Quaker.

Story. (posted at

John Kinsey, son of David, died 1735; married at Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, 8-20-1687, Sarah Stevens. Magdalen Kinsey signed as witness.
Sarah died 7-11-1702. He removed to Woodbridge, N. J. in 1703. He married, a second time, 2nd. intentions at Shrewsbury Meeting, 3-1-1704 to widow of Nathaniel Fitz Randolph, who was Grace Hull. He was member and Speaker of the House in New Jersey, as was his son, John Kinsey, Jr. The latter was a distinguished lawyer, removed to Philadelphia, and died in 1750. He was Speaker of the House in Pennsylvania and Chief Justice of Pennsylvania Supreme Court. He married in 1725, Mary, daughter of Philip Kearney, and was the father of James Kinsey, Chief Justice of New Jersey Supreme Court,

Sources: "Friends of Upper Bucks" by Clarence V. Roberts; "History of Bucks County, Pa.", by William W. H. Davis; Mss. of John Ingham Kinsey; Notes from Miss Dorothy A. Poore.


John married Sarah STEVENS on 20 Aug 1687 in Philadelphia Mtg, Philadelphia Co, PA. (Sarah STEVENS died on 11 Jul 1702 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

Marriage Notice, 20 Aug 1687, Philadelphia Mtg, Philadelphia Co, PA. 162 John Kinsey, the elder son of David and Magdalen, became united with the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting and married under the auspices of that meeting 20-8m-1687, Sarah Stevens, his mother Magdalen signing as a witness.


John next married Grace HULL.

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

Story. 168 John Kinsey married Grace Fitz Randolph, widow of Nathaniel Fitz Randolph Jr.

Story. 168 John Kinsey married Grace Fitz Randolph, widow of Nathaniel Fitz Randolph Jr. Grace Hull was her maiden name. (Will Archives Vol XXX p285).

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