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TEAGUE, Edward
LOFTIN, William
(Abt 1650-1704)
IVES, Elizabeth
(Abt 1650-1703)
TEAGUE, William
LOFTIN, Isabella
TEAGUE, Edward


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TEAGUE, Edward 1896

  • Born: 1716, Cecil County, Maryland Colony
  • Marriage: VAN SWEARINGEN, Lurannah in Frederick County, Virginia, United States
  • Died: 1810, Burke County, North Carolina, United States

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

1. Story. There is a lot of confusion about this Edward Teague and his son Edward, and it is not clear if this might be information about several different Edward Teagues, perhaps not even related to each other. Information sited below is often conflicting, as far as wife names, children names, death dates, and which one is "Reverend". No conclusive knowledge yet.

2. Story. 1897 Rev Edward Teague, son of William and Isabella, b about 1716, d about 1810 in Alexander Co, NC.

3. Story. Rev Edward Teague, son of William and Isabella, b 1716, d Alexander Co NC 1810, m Lurannah Van Swearingen in VA. ("Marylanders to Carolina. Migration of Marylanders to North Carolina and South Carolina Prior to 1800", Henry C Peden, Jr, 1994)

4. Appearance in Document, 8 Mar 1736, Cecil County, Maryland Colony. 1898 On 8 March 1736/7, Joseph Williams, his wife Lydia, Providence Williams, his wife Sarah, and Ann Paulson sold a 222-acre tract of land and a 60-acre tract of land located on the "east side of Suquehanna River near a great fall called Conawangoe Fall" adjacent Edward Teague's land (Cecil Co MD Land Liber 6, Folio 126).

5. Property, 26 May 1742, Orange County, Virginia Colony. On 26-27 May 1742, Moses Teague of Orange Co, VA to Edward Teague of same. Lease and release. For 5 shillings. Tract on the western side of Sharendo River being part of 40,000 acres purchased of Jost Hite from Isaac and John Vanmater ... south side Cohougotut River, the upper end of an island ... up the river. (Orange Co, VA, Deed Book 5, pp191-4)

6. Appearance in Document, 7 Feb 1748, Frederick County, Virginia Colony. 833 On 7 Feb 1748, Edward Teague was appointed by the court one of the appraisers of the estate of Isaac Van Metre, deceased son of John Van Metre Jr and grandson of John the 1st of Berkley whose widow Alice was the administratrix. This estate lay in the neighborhood of Openquon Creek, near its confluence with the Potomac.

7. Appearance in Document, 7 Mar 1754, Frederick County, Virginia Colony. According to county records in Winchester, VA, on 7 Mar 1754, Edward Teague was overseer of the road from Jacob Hites to Swearingen's Ferry.

8. Property: Frederick County, Virginia Colony. 833 Edward Teague was grantee of a portion of the Hite-Van Metre lands lying on the west side of the Shenandoah River. He conveyed part of it to Richard Mercer on 3 Sept 1745. On 13 March 1751 he obtained by grant from Lord Fairfax a tract of 400 acres lying near the river Cohango (Potomac) in Virginia, 100 acres of which was disposed of by him to William Morgan on 31 Jan 1756. This tract is supposed to have been in the immediate vicinity of Mecklenburg, at the head of Teague's Run. Moses Teague was a witness to the deed.

[Mecklenburg is an older name for present-day Shepherdstown, West Virginia. There is still a town called Mechlenberg Heights just west of Shepardstown on Rt 45.]

9. Story. The two sales of land to Richard Mercer and Wm Morgan are interesting. In both cases, on 30 Jan Edward leases the land to William Morgan, and on 31 Jan he sells it to him. In William's case, the 100 acre lease is for "paying rent of one peper corn on Ladyday next." In Richard's case, the 300 acre lease is for "paying rent of one Ear of Indian Corn on twentyfifth Day of December next".

10. Property, 1751-1756, Frederick County, Virginia Colony. 1899 After selling his 100-acre Garrison patent land in 1747, Edward Teague received a Fairfax grant for 400 acres "near Main Road from Shannondoah R. to Sheppard's Mill" adjacent Thomas Shepherd to the northwest on 30 May 1751 (Gray, Northern Neck Grants, G-518) (Shepherd's Tract 21, Map 1). The "Main Road" is present-day West Virginia Highway 230, located near the west property line. Edward and William Teague had 855 acres in their possession (including the 400 acres) from Robert Buckles' home place north to the Potomac River prior to 1753. Edward assigned 155 acres to Richard Morgan and then Edward and William assigned 300 acres to William Morgan (Joyner, Northern Neck Warrants and Surveys, pp109, 110). Edward sold 100 acres of the 400-acre Fairfax grant land to William Morgan on 30 Jan 1756 and the same day, "Edward Teage and Luranah his wife" sold the remaining 300-acre part to Richard Morgan (Frederick Co VA Deed Book 4, pp101, 244).

11. Appearance in Document, 10 Oct 1753, Frederick County, Virginia Colony. 1758 According to Frederick County, VA records, Elijah Teague and wife Alice transferred to Wm Crawford adjoining tracts of 64 and 128 acres on 4 Aug 1753. Certificates of deeds of lease and release for this transference were made to Elijah and Abraham Teague by William Teague and recorded 12 Feb 1752. The sale was confirmed by a bond of Edward Teague, recorded 10 Oct 1753. Edward is described as the eldest son and heir-in-law of William Teague, late of Fredrick County, but removed to some part of Carolina.

12. Appearance in Document, 10 Oct 1753, Frederick County, Virginia Colony. 1900 "I, Edward Teague, of the County of Frederick and Colony of Virginia, and Eldest son and heir at law to William Teague, late of the same place, who is lately removed to some part of Carolina, am held and firmly bound and doth stand justly indebted unto William Crawford of the County and Colony aforesaid in the full and just sum of 500 pounds current money of Virginia ... the condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above William Crawford having lately purchased of and from Elijah Teague, brother of the above bonded Edward Teague, part of two tracts of land ... some of the lines by default of the surveyor has been found wrong and for fear that the same in passage of time may prove defective the said Crawford, his heirs, etc., in as much as no other title can be had from the said William Teague, the above bonded Edward Teague ... [promises to fix things if they turn out bad. One of the witnesses is Thomas Swearingen.]" (Frederick Co, VA, Deed Book 3, p148)

13. Story, 1753, Rowan County, North Carolina Colony. Rowan Co formed from Anson Co. At this time, Rowan Co consists of the entire northwest quarter of NC.

14. Property, 30 Jan 1756, Frederick County, Virginia Colony. 1901 Deed from Edward Teague and Luranah to Richard Morgan, 300 acres. "Edward Teague and wife, Luranah, to Richard Morgan, this indenture made 30 January 1756, all parties residents of Frederick County, Colony of Virginia ... convey to Richard Morgan 300 acres granted to Edward Teague 30 May 1751 ... on south side of Cohongo River in said county ..." (Frederick Co VA Deed Book 4, p245).

15. Residence, 1756-1759, Orange County, North Carolina Colony. Edward appears to leave Frederick Co and arrive in Orange Co between 1756 and 1759.

16. Property, 6 Feb 1759, Orange County, North Carolina Colony. 819 Edward Teague warrant to Wm Churton to survey 640 acres in Orange Co on the branches of Rocky River, joining (a point) near Timothy Terrel and a (?) former possession by Joshua Bradley. Entered 14 Sept 1758. Back of document reads "Grant 18 July 1760" (Miscellaneous Land Office Papers). [this is the only Edward Teague I am aware of who is of age to have land in 1759]

17. Property, 26 May 1759, Orange County, North Carolina Colony. 819 Edward Teague plat, 405 acres in Orange Co on New Garden Road near Terrels. (Miscellaneous Land Office Papers).

18. Property, 21 Jul 1760, Orange County, North Carolina Colony. 1896 Edward Teague granted 405 acres in Orange County in the Parish of St Matthew on New Garden Road near Ferrells (or Terrells).

19. Story. See separate article about Vacant Land in Rowan Co.

20. Property, 27 Apr 1762, Orange County, North Carolina Colony. 819 Edward Teague Jr by Edwd Teague Sr entry, 700 acres in Orange Co on the waters of Rockey River, joining Edwd Teague Sr's line [signed Edward Teague Sr for Edwd Teague Jr. Edward Sr is buying land for his son but son is too young to buy it himself] (Miscellaneous Land Office Papers).

21. Story. 820 A male could not buy and sell land before the age of 21 without parental consent. A male could only own land in his name at the age of 16. It had to be bought by someone of age. He could not sell land he had at the age of 16 until he became 21 years old. Therefore, the above 1762 deed implies several facts about Edward Sr and Edward Jr: First, Edward Sr bought land before 1762 in Chatham Co, establishing his line. Second, Edward Sr bought land for his son Edward Jr in 1762, so Edward Jr must have been at least 16 by then, but not yet 21, so Edward Jr was born between 1742 and 1746. Edward Sr would have been at least 20 years old when Edward Jr was born, so Edward Sr was born before 1726. Since we know Edward Sr was William's oldest son, and we know that William's son Abraham was born in 1720, we can expect that Edward Jr was born in 1718 or earlier.

22. Property, 1772, Chatham County, North Carolina Colony. 822 Deed from William and Elenor Teague to Edward Teague Sr (Chatham Co Deed book A, p100)

23. Appearance in Document, 1772, Chatham County, North Carolina Colony. Faye Teague Caynor reports that Chatham Co Deeds show in 1772, William Teague and his wife Eleanor of SC (could not make out county) appointed Edward Teague, Sr. as their Power of Attorney. That's the only reference to Sr. that she found.

24. Appearance in Document, 9 May 1775, Chatham County, North Carolina Colony. 822 5-9-1775. Road from Jeremiah Biggoth to Chatham County Courthouse. Jury - Edward Teague Sr, Moses Teague, William Teague and others. (Chatham Co records).

25. Appearance in Document, 9 Nov 1778, Chatham County, North Carolina, United States. 822 Bill of sale from Edward Teague Sr to Zachariah Martin (Chatham Co records).

26. Story, 1790. The only Edward Teague in the 1790 Census in NC is in Morgan District, Burke Co, 8th company. He is over 16, living with 2 males under 16, 6 females, and 2 slaves. [doesnt seem like a good match for this Edward. It is a better match for Edward Jr]

27. Appearance in Document, 1793, Burke County, North Carolina, United States. 823 Edward Teague listed on Burke Co Tax list. He did not pay a poll tax. This is because he was over 60 years old. If this had been Edward Jr on the tax list, he would have been too young to avoid the poll tax.

28. Appearance in Document, 1795-1796, Burke County, North Carolina, United States. Edward Teague appears in 1795 and 1796 Burke Co Tax Records, in Capt Austin's Co. He has 340 acres. The listing also shows John Teague, with 200 acres.

29. Property, 13 Jul 1799, Wilkes County, North Carolina, United States. 1902 Deed from Edward Teague of Burke Co to Zacheus Barnes of Wilkes Co. Edward Teague Sr being lawfully authorized by Van Swearin Teague Sr, the said Edward Teague sells Barnes 100 acres in Wilkes Co on both sides of Lower Little River of the Catawba. Vandever Swearingen Teague Sr had received a land grant in Christian Co, KY in 1797, and so had already moved. [this connection between the Edward Teague in Burke Co and Van Swearin Teague makes me believe that the Edward Teague in Burke Co is the same one that married Lurranah Van Swearingen.]

30. Appearance in Document, 1806, Burke County, North Carolina, United States. 825 Burke Co Tax List shows two Edward Teagues.

31. Story. 1903 Family legend says that Edward Teague was 90 years old when he died. [that means he should die around 1806. There is an Edward Teague that dies around then, but that seems more like Edward Jr]

32. Story, 1808, Burke County, North Carolina, United States. 826 Burke Co Tax List shows one Edward Teague. He pays a poll tax, so it cannot be this Edward, as he would be too old. It is Edward, son of John and Martha. Therefore, this Edward is dead.

33. Story. 61 Edward Teague died in Alexander Co, NC, about 1810. Children of Edward and Lurannah are John, Van S, Edward, Rebecca, Luranna, and Isabella.

34. Story. 827 Edward Teague, Sr, b ca 1716, d after 1797, married Lurannah Swearingen, daughter of Thomas and Lydia Riley Swearingen. Edward was born in Cecil Co, MD. He lived also in Frederick Co, VA, Chatham Co NC, and Burke Co NC. He may or may not be the Reverend Edward of family history, as Sarah's [wife of Edward Jr] name appears on the old document cited in the family history. It also seems unlikely as he would have been 81 years old when the Antioch church was organized. He died in Burke County. His children were Edward Jr, Van Swearingen, and John.

35. Story. Edward Teague, son of William, was born Abt 1716 in Cecil Co., MD, and died 1810 in Burke County, NC (now Alexander Co.). He married Lurannah Van Swearingen in Frederick County, VA, daughter of Thomas VanSwearingen and Lydia Reilly. Children of Edward Teague and Lurannah Van Swearingen are: i. Vandever Swearingen Teague, born Abt 1740 in Frederick County, VA; died 1810 in Christian County, KY. ii. Edward Teague, born Abt 1750 in Frederick County, VA; died 1804 in Chatham County, NC. iii. John Teague, born 1751 in Frederick County, VA; died in Iredell Co., NC. iv. Lurannah Teague. She married Jehu Barnes. v. Isabelle Teague. She married Jim Duck. (Posted at

36. Story. Rev. Edward Teague, son of William and Isabelle, b 1716 Cecil Co MD, d 1807 Burke Co NC, m first Lurannah Van Swearingen in Frederick Co, VA, m second Sarah. (According to Teague Family Index on web at

37. Story. Teague Genealogy by Burton Newlin cites Teague Magazine Vol 1, #3 Jan 1969, Vol 1 #2 Oct 1968, Vol 3 #2 Oct 1970, Vol 4 #1 July 1971, Edward Teague will of 1810 in Burke Co, NC.

38. Story. I live in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. In 1996 I bought a stone farm house that is over 200 years old. I am researching the history of the house, and there is some history that the house was built about 1763 by an Edward Teague. In reviewing the history on the Edward Teague family I see there was a Rachel Teague born in 1735 in Mechlenberg, Virginia and married a David Shepherd, the son of Thomas Shepherd. Shepherdstown was originally called Mechlenberg, and was actually part of Virginia in the late 1700s. The name was changed to Shepherdstown after Thomas Shepherd. Do you have any knowledge about the trade or career of Rachel's father? Was he a stonemason? Do you know what happened to Moses Shepherd, the son of Rachel Teague and David Shepherd? (Posted on Teague Genforum by Billie Garde ( on 16 Aug 2000)


Edward married Lurannah VAN SWEARINGEN, daughter of Family VAN SWEARINGEN and Unknown, in Frederick County, Virginia, United States. (Lurannah VAN SWEARINGEN was born in 1714 in Maryland, United States.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

1. Story, 1744, Baltimore County, Maryland, United States. 61 Edward Teague married Lurannah Swearinger [sic] in 1744 at Baltimore Maryland.

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